Click below to watch Whistler Crankworx Mountain Biking and the Peak to Peak gondola in Whistler, British Columbia.

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Social Studies includes First North Americans circa: 17, 000 years Before Present, during the last ICE AGE!


Who got here first - the Beringians  or these people from Europe? Watch episode 1 of 9, you can easily link to the other 8 parts of this series once you access this first link.The Vikings whom you'll study later were here in Canada 400 years  before Columbus " discovered " the Americas. Both Columbus and the Vikings encountered indigenous peoples. When and how did they arrive in North America? Who are the real First North Americans?

Click " Sparky " the Groundhog's picture to see a short video - " Creatures and Critters from the Cottage!" There's an interesting green tree frog too!

Click here to see a recent video of a fishing trip to Gem Lake!



Click the boat picture for a shorter version featuring Rob Wrigley's music !

Thanks to Mrs. M. and the kids from California for this excellent Math  link


Click below for Roman Numerals clock game:

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